Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

In other audible news

I've just spent waaaay too much time re-ripping my CDs into MP3 format so that they'll work on the iPod [I tried converting from WMA to MP3 using iTunes but it didn't sound right to me]. Annoyingly, iTunes seems to have a fairly high rate of conversion defects; some discs like Jedermann sein eigener Fußball or Recombo DNA are totally unlistenable in places due to glitches a-go-go, even with error correction turned on - but ultimately it doesn't matter too much, I've mostly got what I want, which is full control of and access to eight thousand songs or so through the incredibly fugly Pioneer head unit that came with my new Scion.

BTW, I found this today:

Do check it out. This is the best thing I've heard yet when it comes to comparing lossless vs. lossy audio formats. There's a reason I rip at high bit rates - I can definitely hear the difference and I'm glad I've proved it to myself instead of continually wondering "is this just something else I'm retardedly pretentious about, or is this a real thing?"

Oh, and don't bother with the DVD of The Fountain. The first fifteen minutes are so dark you can't actually see them on a properly calibrated TV - even in the dark. Feh.

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