Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Bits of the tid variety

[with apologies to moroccomole for ganking his title]

Putting on my pants this afternoon to make it to the eye doctor for my annual checkup, I discovered that Sophie had left a dead shrew for me. Frankly, I wish I had noticed before I'd put on the pants.

Max Tundra's remix of Fledermaus Can't Get It was released this week. Unfortunately, you're not allowed to buy it from if you live in the USA, and the vinyl is £3.99 plus exorbitant shipping and handling. This blows. However, I was able to get my parents to buy it for me for only 99p, and because I'm a nice guy, you can download it here for the next couple of days. Obviously, if you live in the UK, you should just go buy it immediately.

This is the first release from von Südenfed, which is a collaboration between Mouse on Mars (cbertsch is salivating already, I'm sure) and Mark E. Smith. I had to Wikipedia that to see who it was. I've never heard a Fall song before, FWIW.

I fixed up my résumé and have begun to spam companies in San Diego for a job. So far I haven't seen much that looked intriguing save for a localization test manager position that is offering a starting salary that I haven't made in over a decade. Ugh. Are jobs all that poorly paid in San Diego? Whatever, I want out of here.

Got a call from the Scion dealership today; my new xB has been delivered. I'll probably go pick it up on Saturday, but first I have to talk over options with danlmarmot and test drive it to make sure it's what I want (what I really really want, &c.). The dealer has helpfully begun the all-important process of tricking it out with a bone-jarring stereo, which is quite frankly the overwhelming reason I chose the xB over anything else. It's so cheap (cheaper than the gas guzzling Ford Focus I rented last weekend, even) that I can blow an extra grand on stereo equipment guaranteed to liquify bowels from a thousand yards away.

This weekend we've got a family party to attend (yay!) on Saturday, and then it's off to New Jersey for a week. Should be fun. In the meantime, it's time to drop the price on the house as it's been about a month and no one has expressed any interest in buying the place. Please feel free to interpret this as a further sign that no one in Redmond, Washington has good taste; if this place were in Cupertino it would have sold three weeks ago. Sadly, though, the people that have seen it were all equally bewildered as to who the heck would build a house that didn't match the neighbors' on every size. That is, except for the two lesbians who passed on the joint because they were afraid their geriatric dogs wouldn't be able to negotiate the stairs. (See? Another reason I'm not a dog person.)

Finally, about the Max track: do me a favor? If you downloaded it, please comment here with your impressions of it. For me, personally, it falls under the rubric of songs that start slow but then build up to full on awesome, mind blowing awesome infact, before cutting out completely just before you reach the peyote-enhanced, Earth-shattering climax. It reminds me of the Dukes of Stratosphear's What In The World? and Max's own Labial in that just as your nipples strain further into your T-shirt than ever before, and just your knees get so wobbly that you have to sit down, the song just ends. It's like a blog post that
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