Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Goodbye, goodbye

So many sights still unseen, yet I've already checked in...

Sad to be leaving so soon, but to be honest this is a much longer trip to Berlin than I had hoped for. I've seen most of the difficult to see things (that is, GDR stuff), and only left the big names (the Jewish Museum, the Reichstag, the Pergamon-Museum) for next time, and I suppose that's good. I did at least walk by the Jewish Museum today, but the line was insanely long so I decided to go say goodbye to my friends Herman and Graham instead:

They're now safely on their way back to London; we had time for a coffee together at least and they reported back from the Berlin bears convention, which I decided not to attend after all (I was having too much fun seeing the sights to take the time to sit in a smoky disco with a bunch of fellow Bears).

So, it's off to bed for a while to rest up, then I'm meeting a friend for dinner - and then one more sleep and I'm off home to see the danlmarmot again, which is of course always the most wonderful thing about vacations; when they're over, you're home again, which is where I usually most want to be. :)
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