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Today's another day off from museums and "real" tourist actvity: instead, it's time to go shopping. Both tomorrow and Monday are holidays, so shops are closed; they're also closed on Sunday, and barely open on Saturday, so this is the one full day I have to get my shop on.

This morning, I went by the Birkenstock store to buy Dan some new Birks, and happened to find this incredibly awesome shop right across the street:

They were super friendly and I scored an old world map (huge! in its own cardboard box!) from Interflug, the GDR state airline, for only ten bucks. I also picked up a lovely British cutting board that will be perfect in our kitchen for showing the house (with insanely, achingly cool design that is both old GDR and modern Berlin), as well as a few picture books of GDR design.

Next up, a visit to Berliner Töchter:

She makes breakfast boards that are insanely cool, with semi-depressing or is it cool? pictures from the East, as well as super cute children's stuff that I'm sure will be perfect for my niece if they have any in stock. Then, it's on to Intershop 2000 and perhaps eventually Ostkost, but who knows what they'll have? And when I'm done, it's down to Leipzig for a day to visit a friend and then right back up to Berlin on Saturday, leaving me two full museum days plus one day, Monday, for packing, relaxing, and maybe a trip to a swimming pool.

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