Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Good morning Berlin!

It's a wonderfully sunny morning here... and here's your daily dose of East German badness:

In the East, there was of course a sex industry as well, but (not surprisingly) a fairly lame one. You could by vaguely racy calendars (oooh, tight sweaters), or, if you had the right connections, maybe even slides of naked women that you could enjoy at home:

This is for you, Julian Coldrey

Apparently printed material was available as well...

Finally, here's some text taken from a sex education textbook published in 1980:

This is taken from the section titled Sexual Minorities, I think it was, and is talking about lesbians... woohoo! The GDR was always proud to have repealed the Nazi version of §175, the law governing homosexuality, long before West Germany did, but their attitudes were still vaguely ridiculous when discussing actual homosexuals. At home, I have a book on homosexuality published in the late 80s that was better than this, at least.

For you English speaking types, here's my translation of some of it...

If two women find themselves in this space, then they have of course the same desire to spend time with each other, to be there for each other, and of course ultimately express their love through physical means, just as other people in love do. By being together they can be just as happy as an opposite-sex couple. Naturally, however, proper sexual intercourse cannot occur because they are both physiologically female. Some of these women feel so strongly like men that, quite against their better judgment, that their bodies have been mutilated. They can suffer greatly from these feelings. In terms of appearance and other behavior homosexual women are no different than other women.

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