Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


Hey, wanna see something dirty?

In late 19th century Germany, a movement arose known as die Freikörperkultur, which is a word you may have heard when you watched The Road to Wellville. Literally meaning "uncovered body culture," this is the movement which we English speakers refer to as "nudism." In the GDR, just as in West Germany, nudism is a fun, wholesome, thing that you can share with the entire family. Given that most of the film I saw on the topic today did in fact feature the entire family (read: prepubescent genitalia, which is so not a problem here and of course terribly beyond the pale at home in the USA), I edited it all down just to give you one guy holding two coffee cups and saying something that wasn't present on the audio track in the museum, so I muted it.

Tags: ddr

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