Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

London: It's well Ishtar

Um, isn't this a character name in the new Thomas Pynchon novel?

And wait, what's this about airships?

If you thought süßer Knut was a new phenomenon, well, apparently there was a baby polar bear born in a London zoo shortly after World War II. This was such a huge phenomenon that several consumer goods were produced to mark the event, e.g. this bar of soap:

Bear grease! Tee hee!

Finally, a complete history of Johnson's baby powder packaging through the ages. This was taken at a museum of branding and marketing that moved to London from Gloucester about a year ago; the museum owner and the collector in chief chatted me up and was friendly enough, but overall the museum was merely moderately interesting (dang it, I wanted more alcohol packaging.) Still, worth a visit if you're in the area and don't mind blowing £5.80 on it.

Nearby, a tiny gallery showing some Banksy prints, a snip at £10,500 each:

In the spirit of kingfuraday, a UK version of Dad Safari:

The wonderful diesel_pioneer agreed to meet up for a look around Tate Britain; Jake and Dinos Chapman were exhibiting some new work which was so-so, but I did like the accompanying explicatory text:

Because I'm a crap photographer I didn't really get a good picture of Michael, so this will have to do:

Here we are at the Kings Arms staring towards the back:

Finally, some stuff on TV. The closed captioning was stuck, which amused me:

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