Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

One week, three paragraphs

My last day at AOL went well: code_e and Dave-the-tester took me out to lunch. Then, I went back to work. My boss said she'd be by my office at around 1:50 to pick up my badge, but that didn't happen, so I dropped off the badge with her directly at 2 and that was that. Got to the airport well early, made every flight, was lucky enough to get empty seats next to me all the way to Adelaide, survived tedious conversation with a drunk Queenslander OAP as well as irritating customs officials (allowable duty free alcohol limits have changed, but United still has old paperwork with the old limits), and made it to the Clare to spend four wonderful days with jcoldrey and his partner Keryn.

On the way back down to Adelaide, I found myself the lucky recipient of my first speeding ticket since August 1993: $279 for 127kph in a 100kph zone near the town of Roseworthy, SA. Ah well, bummer, but at least it doesn't affect my US insurance or ability to re-enter the country (providing I pay, which I'll do at the post office today). Wine tasting high points included hearing all the goss about the ridiculous neighbors of Charlie Melton, helping the tasting room staff at Rockford fill out a trivia contest (is it "do no evil" or "don't be evil?" I chose the latter), and the one-two punch of the 2001 Clonakilla shiraz viognier (oh. my. god. the precocious youngster is now all grown up and subdued. still a lovely wine, if perhaps not as slap you upside the head knock you out gorgeous that it was in its youth) and a 2006 Clonakilla viognier (every sip sent chills down my spine: hands down the best white wine I have ever had in my life). Thanks Julian!

Now I'm here in Sydney; danlmarmot is out having lunch with beardoc, and I'm resting up. Something quitting your job and flying to another continent and then driving around for four days really takes an emotional and physical toll, I guess; right now I'd just like to sleep for a few days but that isn't really an option as I've signed myself up to do Bear Event Style Crap through the weekend. Frankly I'm not feeling up to it; I'd like to just order up a series of handsome furry fellas but the Internet, surprisingly, hasn't perfected that (especially when all of the usual bear hookup joints are either not working or sparsely attended). So, Dan's back now, and I'm heading out for laksa!

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