Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The virtual cellar.

I now have a quasi-portable wine box. Here's what I've picked up this week in Sydney (all prices in US dollars):

1999 d'Arenberg The Footbolt Shiraz $12
Galway Pipe tawny port $13
1998 James Busby Barossa Valley Shiraz $8
Brown Bros. Liqueur Muscat $13
NV Cockatoo Ridge Sparkling Cabernet $8
1998 Seppelt Sparkling Shiraz $9
NV Cloudy Bay Pelorus $13
NV Deutz Marlborough Cuvee $10
NV Jansz (Tasmanian sparkling wine) $12
1995 Vintage Cellars Botrytised Riesling $5
2000 Vintage Cellars Marsanne Roussanne $6
1997 Penfolds St Henri Shiraz $22 (great deal)
1998 Leeuwin Estate Pinot Chard Brut $16
NV Brown Bros. Pinot Chard Brut $9
1999 Taltarni Brut Tache Methode $9
2001 Brown Bros. King Valley Riesling $7
2000 d'Arenberg The Dry Dam Riesling $8
1997 Penfolds Clare Valley Reserve Aged Riesling $15

I've also had:

1997 Jansz $16 (pretty damned good - apparently this is owned by Roederer)
1997 Cloudy Bay Te Koku $19 (I didn't care for this - it's what happens when you do an overblown California Chard but with sauvignon blanc grapes - a real waste, but I'm glad I tried it)
Brown Bros. Shiraz $11 - this was fine
Brown Bros. Shiraz Cabernet Malbec $9, I think it was - this was not particularly good
1997 Rosemount GSM (Grenache Shiraz Malbec) $32 (in a restaurant) - this was really good, but not quite as good as, say, Le Cigare Volant, but still good value if you buy it from a retail outlet, I guess
2000 (?) Leeuwin Estate Art Series Riesling - absolutely wonderful stuff, a steal at $10
2000 (?) Cape Mentelle Tapestry - just fine, maybe a tad overpriced at about $9
2000 (?) Tahbilk Roussanne - a real steal at about $8, great stuff if you like obscure varietals

I think that about sums everything up. The only disappointments so far have been the utter lack of pink wines (jeez, you'd think a country that makes sparkling reds would be louche (if that's the word) enough to make pink wines, but no!), and the general lack of weird wines (it's all exactly what you'd expect, and no, verdelho doesn't really count), although I am surprised to see marsanne/roussanne based wines on occasion.

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