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I had a productive weekend.

I was going to go down to Portland to sell a bunch of books to Powell's and say hello to finfinfin, so I started in on the book rationalization early Saturday morning. We're down to only six full bookshelves (it used to be ten); it'd be less, perhaps, but we've pretty much bottomed out. Dan still has a few books to sort through but I suspect that most of what's left is staying.

We then took off for Seattle Saturday afternoon to meet up with grrrscribbler. On the way over, Dan's windshield, which was recently replaced under warranty, started making a headache-inducing high pitched squeal. Ugh. So, no Portland for me. My car doesn't lock, and Dan's isn't driveable at high speeds. At any rate, we made it to the Frye museum in Seattle, saw some really excellent new German artwork, had way too much food at Feierabend (I don't know what's wrong with me lately, but I'm overeating like crazy and this really needs to stop, soon), and then wound up seeing Das Leben der Anderen. My first reaction was simply "uh, it's kind of sick to have a Stasi employee as the hero of this movie," but on the whole I enjoyed it. I also got to join the Club of Pompous Assness by laughing at a joke that wasn't translated well in the subtitles - What does Erich Honecker have in common with a wrong number? Aufhängen, neu wählen! (lit. "Hang up, dial again," but it also reads as "hang him from the gallows and have another election.")

Then it was back home to go to sleep.

Sunday, I sheepishly left an IM for Sean (I hate being a doofus and backing out of pre-arranged adventures) and then got to work. We're leaving for Australia Wednesday evening and there's a lot of washing, packing, and general tidying to do. I successfully managed to get all of the dirty clothes washed (eight loads) and put away. Today, I'm at home (it's a paid holiday at AOL, after all) beavering away at packing for the trip. I suspect I'll be at work late tomorrow as I try to write a dozen reports on every project I'm currently involved in (my boss does need to know this, after all), which'll leave me virtually no time to pack Tuesday. So, here I am, trying to figure out what wine to bring, how much of it to bring, how to pack it, and all that other fun stuff. Oh, and I kinda need to bring clothes and maps and books and the crappy fauxPod and so on. I'm sure I'll figure it all out...

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