Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Mmmmm quiet.

Dan's (still) asleep - he was out awfully late last night and I've spent a lot of time just reading quietly since we got back into Sydney yesterday evening. This is fine by me. I've read a curious book on Aussie words by the editor of the Macquarie dictionary (not bad, but it really could have been more comprehensive; I wish there were something akin to the California Place Names book UC press put out), tried to plan the rest of the year (it's not easy finding 4WD tag along tours that generally fit in with our imagined schedule), gone grocery shopping (I now have Madura and Daintree teas, which are either wholly or partially grown in Australia, as well as square crumpets, orange juice, etc. - breakfasts are lovely and cheap when you have 'em at home!), unsuccessfully tried to find the current issue of The Economist - in short I've been very, very domestic. And this is fine. The social whirlwind stars up tomorrow with a pool party, and then it's Bear Essentials for the rest of the week followed by Mardi Gras itself at the weekend. After that, another couple of "down" days in Sydney and then the ferry to Tassie leaves Friday afternoon from Melbourne. Fun!

Oh, by the way: had a fine time jogging up the hill to the top of Mt Kosciuszko on Tuesday - it's not much of a Mt but it'll just have to do. Went back up the hill the next day to descend back to Thredbo on foot - about 12 km, half of which were walked in pouring rain (yay thunderstorms). But I find that nothing is throwing me for a loop, tramping-wise; no matter how steep or how long I'm not having any difficulties. This is, well, wonderful. I'm glad I'm fit. Wish I could find a bathroom scale to see how the weight is doing but I haven't been successful in that regard - mustn't have gone to the right department store... :)

Gonna shut down the computer now and read up on Cape York!

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