Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Dear Lazyweb

In today's ECIS press release concerning Windows Vista, ECIS makes the following claims:

The very same practices the European Commission found to be illegal almost three years ago have now been implemented in Vista, Microsoft's new PC operating system.

ECIS is referring to two things here: interoperability and bundling of Windows Media Player. Correct me if I'm wrong, but haven't Microsoft fully documented interoperability at this point (wasn't the documentation delivered some time back), and aren't they shipping Windows Vista N (with Media Player removed) in Europe?

Microsoft's "XAML" markup language, positioned to replace HTML (the current industry standard for publishing language on the Internet), is designed from the ground up to be dependent on Windows, and thus is not cross-platform by nature.

Huh? Isn't XAML was essentially a XUL-like XML-based language used to describe the UI of applications that run on systems that support Avalon or WPF (e.g. Vista). Does anyone really think that XAML is in any way supposed to replace HTML?

Office 2007 will also introduce the Open XML file format (OOXML), by which Microsoft seeks to displace ODF, the existing ISO approved, truly open document file format. Unlike the ISO ODF file format which operates on multiple vendor platforms, Microsoft's Open XML file format today only runs seamlessly on the Microsoft Office platform.

When ECIS says "displace," they make it sound as if upgrading to Office 2007 will remove OpenDocument support and replace it with OOXML. This isn't the case, is it? If anything, Office 2007 is the first version of Microsoft Office to indirectly support OpenDocument (via a project on SourceForge). So what's the real complaint? Is it just that Microsoft developed OOXML and not OpenDocument? OOXML is an Ecma standard and costs nothing to use; OpenDocument is an ISO standard and costs nothing to use. I assume that the real complaint here is that given the superficial similarities of the two, one came from the open source world and one didn't, so one is to be religiously avoided no matter what the technical details are.

The end result will be the continued absence of any real consumer choice, years of waiting for Microsoft to improve - or even debug - its monopoly products, and of course high prices.

Uh, OK. So you're telling me that Linux and Mac OS X don't exist and that they both cost less than Windows? And what's with the gratuitous slam about bugs here? Could you be any more obviously antagonistic towards Microsoft?

You, dear reader: When you read this sort of press release, what do you think? I've already seen the first new stories quoting this press release as gospel...

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