Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Things I learned last night

  • The Two Bells is a fine place to get a beer, but I was dumbstruck that, although they serve hamburgers, they do not have a frier and therefore do not serve fries. Believe me, hamburgers without fries make me very, very sad. The company was however excellent.
  • Hamburgers really do work best when served on buns. Yes, baguettes are delicious, but when they serve as hamburger delivery devices, they are awkward, disintegrate too quickly, and are too chewy. Plus, they're kinda faggy.
  • Seattle movie crowds are very different than LA crowds. David Lynch presented INLAND EMPIRE last night and was kind enough to do a Q&A afterwards. Nearly every audience question progressed along the lines of "I really admire your films, and your art... I think history will prove you as the greatest filmmaker of the 20th century, if not of all time... I saw you at the DVD signing today and you were awesome... I really really dug ERASERHEAD... oh, and um, is the TWIN PEAKS pilot gonna be out on DVD soon?"
  • Best audience question, paraphrased: "Did I see Laura Dern using a touch tone phone in INLAND EMPIRE? That's the first time I've ever seen a touch tone phone in one of your movies. What's up with that?"
  • Best David Lynch answer, paraphrased: "I'm moving into the modern era."
  • Other Lynchian goodness: he reminded everyone that luck is the most important ingredient of success, and that you have to stay true to your own voice even if it never gets you anywhere.
  • David Lynch brand coffee will set you back $16.27 for a 12 ounce can, which equates to $21.70 a pound. This makes it more expensive than just about any coffee on the market. I haven't opened my can yet, but it had better be some damn fine coffee at those prices. It comes in three variants: espresso, house blend, and decaf. Annoyingly, it's all ground and not available in the bean.
  • Lynch refers to red wine as vin rouge; he also inferred that his films are best discussed afterwards over a glass of that stuff.
  • Walking down the alley behind the Cinerama on the way to the car, I noticed Lynch smoking in a doorway while an assistant opened a bottle of red wine. I didn't think to stop and ask what it was, but I'm guessing that it might have been a bottle of Louis Jadot burgundy. I think that would suit him just fine.

  • It's July 2013.

    Remember when I wrote a lot on LiveJournal? Yeah, me neither.

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