Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Unrealized blog idea #12

Another idea I've had for years but which I've never realized is this: Shouldn't there be a blog out there that posts something stupid about current Microsoft products or Web sites every day?

Some sample posts...

1. This is from a Windows Live Messenger window I currently have open:

Uhhh Beavis, how do you spell sudoku?

2. Have a look at this page on and count the three different ways they spell Mac OS X:

  • MacOSX
  • Apple Mac OS X
Do note that none of the three are correct. More confusion: The download page says you need a Core Duo - but I'd assume it'd work on the Xeon 5300 in the Mac Pro. Didn't they really mean to say "Intel processor?"

3. They've fixed it now, but up until last Wednesday or so, clicking on the "Get a $15 Rebate" ad in a Windows Live Messenger window would eventually lead you to this rebate form, which conveniently offers a rebate that expired on Dec. 31, 2006.

The only reason I haven't done this is simple: I'm not sure I could come up with something every single day. Four or five times a week, sure, but every day? That would be tough.

Update: Here's #4 for you:

A good friend of mine who's a PM at Microsoft pinged me on Messenger and tried to get me to play Sudoku Too (the MSN Messenger game referenced in #1 above), but all it did was throw an error message. Go Microsoft!

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