Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

We have a winner

The first person to get the December 2006 console sales correct was mikiedoggie. All in all, thirteen of you answered correctly:

mikiedoggie naylandblake trapezebear danlmarmot
dawdle ratinho genxcub teelo
chrisglass climatebearnj spargel thickslab armaroundyou

From most popular to least popular: PS2, Xbox 360, Wii, PS3.

My take on the whole matter: Just because something is new and technologically sophisticated doesn't mean it's going to be the market leader right away, if ever. The PS2 is cheap - half the price of the Wii - and it plays a bazillion games, most of which are also very cheap, on cheap TV sets (that is, it doesn't gain anything on HD sets). The 360 is cheap for what it is (a HD games console and XP MCE extender), and it did well The Wii is fabulous but had a supply problem (I imagine its sales will continue to improve once they're easier to get a hold of). And finally, the poor beleaguered PS3 just whiffed it at the plate. Too expensive for most people, not compellingly different than the Xbox 360, and overall kind of a big so what (I'm seeing them stacked up in Fry's these days).

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