Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Today's agenda

It's Christmas in the San Fernando valley, which means that Dan and I have successfully traded forty degrees, dark, rainy, and dim for eighty-six degrees in the shade, full-on sun, and generally spectacular beautiful (oh, you should see the mountains from our room high above Warner Center - they're beautiful this clear December morning). Given that LA is so close, and given that virtually everything's closed today, we'll stick with our traditional LA Christmas Day plans and spend the day in movie theaters. First up is Children of Men; next up is Inland Empire. We look forward to sitting amongst a sea of elderly Jews out to enjoy whatever movie starts the soonest after they pull up in their Mercury Marquis. It should be wonderful. And then, if we're lucky, we can get deli and head back to the hotel room for a quiet evening reading natural history or highfalutin' literature.

Happy Christmas, everyone. If y'all feel like joining us in the festivities, just call.
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