Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Day 3

I've just had my last cup of coffee - we're now out, so it's teabags all the way from here. After getting the road clear with the neighbors yesterday, there's little to do but wait. There's still no power almost everywhere outside of downtown Seattle - have a look at the WSDOT traffic page and see. All of the grey or white boxes indicate power loss; there's nothing functioning over here on the Eastside at all. The Albertson's down the street from us was open yesterday, but it was entirely dark and we didn't venture inside. I think we'll be OK with what little we have to eat here; we don't have enough power to fire up the oven or cookstop, but the toaster does work and we still have some peanut butter.

I had an epiphany last night - we may not have running water, but at least we can raid the hot tub for water to flush the toilets. It isn't practical to bathe using that water, though, so I'm really looking forward to taking a shower at some point. If they get the power restored to the Microsoft campus in Redmond, I think we'll drive over there and use the commute locker room showers in Dan's building.

So, it's hurry up and wait time here. The generator's working fine, and we've got a month's supply of firewood, so we're keeping warm and dry for the foreseeable future. We'd venture out but all the lights are still out so it'd take ages to get anywhere. If you're over in Seattle and have water and power, we might want to come by tonight to get a warm meal and get cleaned up... :)

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