Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Weather report

The power's out here in Salmonberg, but our natural gas generator is working - it's powering the fridge, a laptop, the DSL modem, and the wireless router. Yay for that. The fireplace is still working too, so it's toasty warm.

Last night, the Puget Sound region experienced a heavily damaging windstorm. Winds went up to about 60 mph around the house; it was loud but thankfully not too scary (it's nice to be hidden away in the basement of a concrete house). The drive home on the other hand was the worst I've ever experienced: ninety minutes to get home (not too awful) but for most of the drive it was raining so hard I couldn't really see out the windshield of the car. Thankfully, other drivers were being very cautious so everyone seemed to make it home OK.

Waking up this morning, Dan went out to survey the damage. We lost about forty trees; the chain link fence is down in at least four places; the road is blocked to most cars due to fallen trees (although 4WDs can get past the biggest one by going off road). Dan's been out with the neighbors chainsawing all morning long, and they haven't even made it a few hundred feet down the road from here. Our neighbors were unfortunate enough to have had their living room demolished by falling trees, but they're safe and warm and seemingly doing OK.

It's going to be a busy couple of days as everyone works together to clean up after this mess. It's already started snowing in some places near here, so we all hope to finish before the weather turns REALLY cold and we get hit by the snow.

Over and out - I need to get my work boots and gloves on and get cracking.
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