Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

random conversation, our apartment, chueca

yada: so, I'm gonna do the theme park tomorrow and like do coasters if anyone wants to go
sinnabor: I think I'm gonna do the other bathhouse tomorrow
climatebear: you must be this long to enter this ride...
hill: yeah, they must be made for midget european people or something
hill: I bought a circle of ham and cheese!!
brodie: the round thing?
sinnabor: yeah, the sandwich donut
yada: it wasn't repellent
brodie: it wasn't repulsive, it was just sort of horrible
pratt: amazingly for a group like ours, no one finished eating it
sinnabor: dude, did you install flicker on my laptop?
hill: you shoulda seen the fountains in the park
brodie: did you have to pee a lot today?
hill: well, the fountains provided a convenient opportunity
hill: that's what the title of my trip will be: "brian tours madrid's fountains"
hill: the park was just, like, so quiet and very pretty
sam: did you go through the whole thing?
hill: yeah, I kinda went up and into the hill
sinnabor: last chance for snacks?
dan: bye
yada: see you in a bit
hill: I saw most everyting in there. I could hear kids playing some sports and stuff. I wanted to take some pictures but I was on kind of a timeline
brodie: what was that big church we were in in alcobaças?
yada: what was it called?
brodie: yeah, there was a place with a giant door
pratt: uh, alcobaças
brodie: unfortunately it's all like a blur in my head
sam: I should go back to their tourist sites and document
yada: was it mosterio de santa mariá?
hill: there were clouds of fish in the lake
yada: alobaças monastery - how do you say that? cistercian? 12th century
brodie: that works
yada: Cistercian monastery
brodie: are we still adding stuff to the flickr pool?
hill: these benches had, like, bicycle pedals that you could put your feet into and bicycle. these ladies were sitting there talking about, like, weather and shopping and shit and they were pedaling. it was an exercise park
sam: I saw a lot of people running to play tennis. instead of walking to the tennis courts, they were jogging. everyone was jogging to play tennis.
sam: right next to some pigeons eating olives in the park. biggest pigeons I have ever seen. they were like chickens.
marmot: tasty!
sam: they were! and they were afraid of people.
brodie: wild pigeons!
sam: they certainly were.
hill: one man
sam: they would eat all this pulp... one after another, gobble gobble
hill: had to take a picture of this disturbing subway sign. big chocolate head people in the subways. ugh! so fucking creepy!
brodie: creepy awesome
hill: totally. creepy rad!
brodie: sftinobear
hill: I haven't checked to see who's unfriended me in a long time

[only one and a half more hours until dinnertime...]

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