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Protection Stub has stopped working

I bit the bullet and installed Windows Vista yesterday night. As of right now, Microsoft Money 2007 won't run - it only ever wants to auto-download updates that it cannot possibly install.

None of my games want to run - every time I try to run any pre-Windows Vista game, it complains that the protection stub has stopped working:

The version of IE 7 installed in Vista has compatiblity problems with a few Web sites. The machine has already blue screened once. Setup took forever because Vista freaked out when I tried to install on a drive other than the C: drive. There are no drivers for some of my hardware; my sound drivers will expire in early January. The one game I managed to get working [Age of Empires III - The War Chiefs, which shipped a few weeks ago] didn't work at all in fullscreen mode - the graphics went haywire. Although the graphics worked OK in windowed mode, the audio was so glitchy I had to mute it. The system can't even play MP3s without glitching - and this is a dual core Pentium D system with two gigs of RAM.

This is RTM?

If I were you, I'd stick with XP, sell all of your Microsoft stock, and consider upgrading to a Mac Pro the next time you feel like you need faster hardware in your life. Vista may have been declared RTM, but I hereby declare it an unusable piece of crap.

What's horrible is of course that it's no surprise. Back in 2004, Microsoft got the bright idea to fire all of the testers working on Vista and replace them with software engineers who then spend three years working on fancy code coverage and automation tools like WTT. Sadly, none of them seemed to think to try the basic things that manual testers do: install Vista, run a game on Vista, and so on. What a bunch of ass clowns.

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