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Well, it's now Day 5 in Australia, and I don't know... something still feels Not Quite Right about the place. The weather, although they say it's summertime, is more like a San José winter: cool and rainy. I haven't seen anything yet which is entirely new to me, save for a quick glimpse of the Nepean River out a car window. I haven't had any good food to speak of, just weird rehashes of Western European standards or bad English variants of Asian dishes (ask me about the pad thai with ketchup and an egg over easy). Wine, well, I've been trying very hard to keep up with the weight loss, so I've only sampled one bottle, which was not unlike a Moldovan wine: too sweet, kind of artifical/funky tasting, and cheap. So, I don't think I've been here long enough yet to move on into something a little more interesting. (By contrast, by Day 5 of New Zealand, I'd already hiked through ancient stands of kauri, had food unlike anything I'd had before, and had amazingly good wine.) This means, I trust, that any day now things are going to start coming together.

Dan has been nothing short of phenomenal when it comes to getting logistics organized, and Seumas and Russel have been ace as well; due to some Aussie lameness with car registration, we haven't been able to get it done just yet, but R is organizing documents that should get the process going again. Thanks!

Tomorrow we're set to get up and out of the city early - 6 am early - and up into the Blue Mountains, where yours truly is set to take a 4WD training course. Afterwards, I believe we'll be spending the next few days up there, hopefully with hiking and caves on the agenda. I'm frankly itching to get out of Sydney, especially because we'll be spending so much time here in the coming weeks - Dan got Margaret Cho tickets for next Saturday, which is great, but I don't know, I just don't see myself as one of those folks who's going to fall in love with the place. Dave Cobb once said that the defining moment of a Paris visit is when you ascend the Eiffel Tower and either love or hate the place; not sure what I'm supposed to do here to see whether or not I love Sydney, but so far my overwhelming sensation is that of very mild disappointment.

I'm going to try to sleep some more now - haven't slept too well in weeks now, and I'm starting to wish I could just sleep for 48 hours to catch up with everything!

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