Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

It just gets more surreal.

Third day in Australia, third day of cool weather with all kinds of rain. Today, took a quick jaunt south with friends to what struck me as a fairly ordinary English style village, with a by the book Anglican church, antique shops, and a village green complete with traditional inn next to it. Now, don't get me wrong, it was lovely (and the company was great), but I'm just not a fan of this kind of thing. During the drive down we passed over a fascinating looking river with fantastic cliffs and trees like I've never seen before, and I was just itching to get out on the trail to explore, but instead I visited a jam store and watched a Devonshire cream tea being eaten. I'm not sure how this makes me feel.

Anyhow, it was great to see Seumas and meet Russel (I believe there's only one L there IIRC). I had a much better time when we simply went up the pub to hang out - now that's my idea of a good time. I've seen enough twee English villages to last me a lifetime, but enjoying a beer outdoors while watching mynahs and rats scurry about, that I could do forever. I was also delighted to see a neighborhood of roughly the same vintage of ours in San José. The company made it all the more entertaining.

So, tomorrow. Need to go buy a car. After that, a weekend in Sydney, and then finally, I think we can hit the road for a bit, although we're expected back in Sydney for the next weekend (this I'm looking forward to as I haven't seen Neville in ages). On the whole, though, right now I'm very afraid that I'm pinned down in the city for too long, doing social event things that I'm just not a huge fan of. I don't need to attend a bear event much less Mardi Gras, but that's what was agreed to. I hope it works out well but right now I feel like I've travelled ninety-eight per cent of the way to the whole point of the trip (the countryside) but am stuck just shy of the goal for about three weeks while I spin my wheels in an urban environment that so far hasn't proven to be substiantially different than anything I've experienced before. It's pleasant enough but I'm just not in the mood for it night now. Maybe it would help if it stopped raining.

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