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Dear Lazyweb

What with the extra bonus commute that I've taken on starting next Monday, I think it's time to upgrade my car.

I drive a 1999 Volkswagen Passat GLS V6 sedan, which I've loved ever since I got it. However, I'm still kicking myself for not making it über-fancy when I bought it: I wish I had had splurged on leather seats and over the top dashboard instrumentation. I'm also kind of kicking myself for not having bought an automatic transmission (I've always driven a stick, but it's a hassle in endless stop and go commute traffic).

So, I'm looking for something similar (large sedan) but more luxurious (leather seats, one or two useless features (but not GPS - I hate in-car nav systems), etc.) I'm also not made of money, so I'm not going anywhere near true luxury brands like BMW, Lexus, or Audi. The only thing that seemed appealing at all is the Hyundai Azera.

Before I go test drive the thing with sinnabor this week, does anyone have anything to say about the Azera, good or bad? Anyone ever bought a Hyundai? Anyone know of anything else I should be considering that will run me less than $30,000 new?


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