Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

That's PST

Yes indeed, ladies and gentlemen, Pacific Standard Time. That's right, I'm back at my desk in San José. Got sick in Tbilisi, spent a week recovering in Germany, and headed home to be with the Marmot and save my dollars for the big trip next year - the euro started getting more expensive and the AOL stock price headed south in the meantime, and I didn't want to chance it.

Back at home, it looks like a lot of my ex-coworkers have been laid off, and various other unpleasantnesses have taken place amongst my friends and family in the USA. Yay.

So, for the next eight weeks (until I return to London with Dan), I'll be at home, working, writing, cleaning, etc. It isn't what I had originally planned, but it's a sure sight better than riding around Armenia in a Neva trying to stop throwing up. :)

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