Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

An interesting use of the Internet, but why haven't I seen this in US papers?

Perhaps I just didn't see the articles, but as reported in Der Spiegel, the US federal courts have published the exhibits used at the trial of Zacarias Moussaoui online. This includes many, many interesting things, and of course most of it is fairly painful to read.

In fact, an awful lot of just makes me angry, especially the endless religious bullshit about how "with Allah's permission you will be with the 'nymphs' in Paradise" - as long as you murder as many people as possible. But wait - don't forget to "rob those you kill, because that is one of the laws of the Prophet, prayer and peace be upon [him]."

Especially in light of the ongoing war in Lebanon, I find myself hoping for a day when religion is well and truly dead. If we were able to ratchet down the whackjobbery factor here, would conflicts be less volatile, perhaps? If people weren't deluded that mystical extraterrestrial beings gave them special disposition over certain geographical areas, or that killing other people would mean they'd get to have sex with virgins in a cloud-cuckoo land filled with tasty food, would things be quite so bad? And if so many of our fellow citizens were certain that ancient folk tales proved that not every citizen is deserving of the same rights as others, would we have marraige equality already?

I wonder.
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