Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


The Passat is now in the garage. This is the first time that [a] the garage has been clean enough to accomodate a vehicle, and [b] in fact the first time a car has been parked in that garage in at least ten years. [In the early 1990s, the garage was remodeled slightly to accomodate a false front to hide the meth lab in the back - at least that's our theory as to the origin of the stench that was in there when we bought the house in 1997.]

I'm packed. All of my clothing is either in storage [the front closet, in Rubbermaid containers], in the suitcases, or ready to be worn to the airport tomorrow.

My federal and state taxes have been filed and I'm now just waiting for the direct deposit to show up in my account. Yay overwithholding.

All CD-Rs have been completed and are packed.

A bottle of New Zealand sparkling wine is in the fridge, waiting to be drunk later on tonight. I've also rented the DVD of The Princess and The Warrior, which was the last movie I wanted to see before leaving the country.

Dan's taking a nap now, but he's been busting his hump all day getting all of the plants ready for our departure. The yard looks wonderful, and everything's on a drip irrigation system.

Both hotels in Sydney have confirmed our reservations and we're good to go. The United reservation is also all set, and American/Qantas have redeposited the frequent flyer miles I'd originally used to get the tickets to Sydney.

I think we're just about good to go!

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