Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

My cats have expensive taste

Last weekend, I dragged austinlb into Barneys so that I could visit the perfume counter. We smelled a bunch of very interesting things presented to us on Kleenex courtesy of a huge black man in an extremely stylish suit - it was kinda fun, although I did feel a bit like a hick what with wearing $10 Target shorts in a store as fancy as that.

Anyhow, I bought what I had planned on buying: a small set of 10mL bottles of Dominique Ropion's Vetiver Extraordinare. It's a beautiful perfume and I enjoy wearing it, especially when it starts to blend in with the smell of my sweat after a few hours.

What I didn't realized, though, was that Sophie, one of our cats, seems to go haywire when she smells the stuff. As I'm typing this, she's rearing up on her hind paws, trying to get at my left wrist; if I let my arm hang down, she wraps her paws around my arm, nipping gently at my wrist, trying to get at whatever it is that smells so damned good to her.

This is more than a little bit strange.
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