Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

So vewy quiet.

The house, well, it's emptier every day as we count down to Australia. The living room? Empty. Two of the bookshelves are completely empty. All of the wires, cables, &c. have been carefully tied down. Dan's even rewired the phone jack so that you can't see the phone line running to the TiVo. All of the junk that's been sitting in the living room for weeks is now either at Goodwill or else it's hiding in the front hallway.

The kitchen's empty. I took the trouble to match all of the lids to all of the plastic containers, and anything that was missing parts is gone. The cookware is down to the few items we actually used since buying the house in 1997. Everything's tidy, everything's in its right place.

The bedroom's empty too. There are no more clothes in any of my dresser drawers; my clothes are either packed for Australia, I'm wearing them, or else they're in a mothproof box in the basement.

It's frankly kind of sad being here at the moment; it's like living in a waiting room at the moment. This is, after all, the last Sunday night I'll spend in the northern hemisphere this year...

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