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That 10 LJ Friend Meme

Take a look at your LJ friends list, then list up to ten things you want to say to ten different LJ friends.
DO NOT state who these people are.
DO NOT confirm nor deny any "comment speculation."

1. I'd hit it. Again and again and again. Even on the bonnet.
2. I've got a photo of us when we were 3ish in matching babydoll pj's.
3. You make me question my attraction to women.
4. I wish I could get drunk with you every night of every week of every year.
5. Some days, I really want to spank you.
6. Your journal contains nothing but incessant whining about your stupid so-called life. I can't stop reading it because I laugh and thank God every day that I'm not as screwed up as you. I have you friended for this very reason.
7. I miss your random back massages while out clubbing.
8. You're fucking amazing. You deserve to be number one, but I just got to your name. I wish I could let you know in words how amazing you are, but our language is too restrictive. You just all out rock. I was an idiot for ever not liking you, but then again, I didn't know you. That asshole doesn't deserve you, anyway. Let him fuck whatever tramps he wants. You've got your guy now! (PS - You're like a princess, except more beautiful than even the most beautiful of them.) I suppose now you know who you are, but who cares? I love you.
9. You have smashing bosoms. I would like to borrow them for the day just to see what it was like, although not any longer cos I think all the attention from horrible men would get on my tits, haha!
10. I wish I was in your pants.

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