Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


Today, Microsoft announced a sweeping set of changes that will affect every Microsoft employee. I won't go into details here - hopefully, Mini-Microsoft will do that soon enough - but I was amused to see this E-mail from Lisa Brummel, the shorts-wearing dyke who heads up HR:

I'm not exactly sure how hiding bullet points from me protects my privacy from the woman who could fire me on a whim, but I sure am glad Office 2003 is thinking of me... I guess. Oddly enough, though, allowing Outlook to download images still resulted in a bunch of image-not-found placeholders in the E-mail.

On closer inspection it looks like buggy Microsoft software is the culprit:

<img width=11 height=11 src=PicExportError alt="*">

Not sure what would cause that to be in the source HTML for this E-mail, but it's pretty funny.

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