Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Because Brian Smith asked

That's a price comparison for the new MacBook. Here's my basic take on it:

  • Finally, an iBook that's unquestionably worth the money - I think they nailed it this time
  • Kind of surprised they left out a DVD recorder on the least expensive one, but admittedly it's not something everyone needs
  • Although the lack of a modem is kind of a bummer, I am seeing Wi-Fi more and more as I travel, so it's really not a huge problem
  • Yes, it commands a price premium of about 50% over a comparable Dell, but it is a nice package
  • Finally, the back one is a bit overpriced, but I doubt that'd hurt sales much
  • Oh, and yeah, for the price of the black one, you could get a Dell similar in every respect save for a 17" that can display 1080i video, but that's not incredibly important until that Dell comes with a HD DVD drive

  • It's July 2013.

    Remember when I wrote a lot on LiveJournal? Yeah, me neither.

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