Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Meme du jour

Your Seduction Style: Alcoholic Haze

You know that ideal love that each of us dreams of from childhood? Sorry, but that's someone else.
You, on the other hand, make more than twenty bucks an hour, which means you've got plenty of cash.
Combined with the ease of Stelvin™ screwcap technology, your disposable income is unstoppable.
You have the uncanny ability to detect attractive people with low self esteem and get them crazy drunk, fast.

You inspire each person to exceed their alcohol tolerance, and you make each moment memorable
Even a simple coffee date can wind up in a haze of bargain basement Chardonnay
And when you clean the puke off of their chin shortly before raping their mouth, you quickly become the ideal lover.

Your abilities to make dreams come true is so strong, that you are often the love of many people's lives,
at least until the euphoria wears off and the dull, pounding headaches begin.
Even your exes remember those merlot-fuelled nights that ended face down in a puddle next to the Dumpster.
No doubt you are the one others have dreamed of... or at least passed out next to at that art gallery opening last week.

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