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Some pictures

Sadly you can't read the temporary license plate in the read window, or else I'd probably try to figure out how to send this to the Redmond PD. This guy was a total ass hat.
On the way to work this morning, I was passed by a VW Golf GTI doing about 80 mph. Here he is running a stop sign further down the road.

Hundreds of interview candidates have sat in that chair anxiously awaiting their very first retarded Microsoft interview question of the day, e.g. “How many gas stations do you think there are in the USA?”
The lobby of the building in which I work. Probably taken last winter.

This looks like it's the set of Hostel 2, somehow. You know, the one where some guys go to Seattle to get laid at Spring Thaw and instead wind up in a Redmond torture dungeon hidden in a Microsoft parking structure. Sean Abley directs.
The parking garage. Taken this morning.

Partner satisfaction: have you made it happen lately? What's your partner-facing role? Mine is called “giving head.”
Some posters on the wall near the elevator in the basement. One of my coworkers saw me taking this picture; we started making jokes about the STANDARDS@MICROSOFT poster. “What, we have standards?” he said...

A few months later, I hit the center divide about ten miles east of here. I'm greatly relieved that I no longer commute to Ellensburg.
Last winter, part of the rock face there fell on I-90, closing it in both directions for some time. The machine you see in this picture was helping clean up the mess. Probably last November.

When in Osaka, be sure to stop by the original Nintendo building; they made their start as a playing card manufacturer.
Again, on the way to work this morning. Funny, when I think of Nintendo, I think "games," not "software technology."

No idea what this is supposed to be, but it's kind of pretty.

The car parked up there on the right is a blue BMW with a Human Rights Campaign sticker. It's parked there every day. I don't think it's a cruisy street or anything; I imagine the driver works in the Microsoft Visitor Center nearby.
Driving down the street to my office this morning, I realized as I do most mornings that I'm fortunate to live in a really beautiful part of the world. There's a patch of undeveloped land on the right that's lovely.

Is that the slab from 2001? Is that hair? WTF?

Thanks to REI Outlet, I own many desperately ugly shirts that are useful for travelling but which are almost embarassing to wear to the office.
Does this shirt make me look orange?

Shortly before I took this picture, she was talking about HOW AWESOME IT WAS that Microsoft put up a big blue E in front of the Netscape buildings. Um, hello? Not cool, Lisa, not cool.
Lisa Brummel, shorts-wearing lesbian, speaking at the Microsoft company meeting last year.

Microsoft offices are horribly overcrowded, with 2 and sometimes 3 people shoehorned in to each office (they were originally designed for 1 occupant only). These are moving boxes used to move people's crap from office to office.
Proof that orange does not photograph well at all. In the garage this morning.

It's also reminiscent of the cover of Einstein On The Beach, isn't it? Yes, the second version recorded in the 1990s.
Proof that flourescent lights don't photograph well. Then again, it is kind of [Dan] Flavinoid.

Sitting in front of me is the department test manager, Adam.
A departmental meeting, complete with PowerPoint slide and pie chart.

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