Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Dorks Я Us

Stopped by the Microsoft Visitor Center before work so that my buddy Eli could experience the mind blowing awesomeness that is the Microsoft Visitor Center:

The demo is better than reality: it's actually kind of grey and overcast in Redmond today.

Yes, they have a send-it-yourself postcard kiosk - just like the Heineken Museum. Alas, no free beer.

Then, we went over to my tastefully decorated office:

Idle doesn't even begin to describe the situation...

Nothing like blank walls to scream I HAVE GREAT DESIGN SENSE, eh?

Thankfully it's my last week in this office. Next week: my three year anniversary with Microsoft + an upgrade to Office 2.0v1, now with a window and a great view of trees and mountains. Oh, and an empty parking lot filled with trailers for the construction project that started this Spring.

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