Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The downward spiral.

I'm talking about ridding the house of crap. I don't think we're going to successfully rid the house of all the crap in it, but we're making a decent impact. I just threw out the clear plastic numeric pad protector that came with my Apple Adjustable Keyboard, for example, and I spent a few hours this morning cleaning Dan's bookshelves and reorganizing all of his books, taking care to dispose of duplicate copies of the O'Reilly JavaScript books (with rhinos!) and now useless tracts such as Inside Macintosh Volume 7: QuickDraw GX (or whatever).

I've also successfully completed the trial run of baggage for the Australian Blues-Jazz Odyssey: we're allowed 5 bags, and I can cram virtually all the clothing I still own in just one big duffel bag. Of course, it's unclear what I'm supposed to do with my sandals and sneakers, much less my first aid kit or shaving kit, but I'm sure I can find room in another bag. There's a gigantonormous duffel bag that holds the tent, the cots, the table, the sleeping bags, and a bunch of other crap; that leaves four, so I get one bag for clothing, Dan gets two bags for clothing, and I guess we share one for anything we just couldn't cram in our other bags.

Lately I find I'm much less hesitant to break into the really good wine downstairs, partially because it's getting old to the point where it's slowly becoming necessary, and party just because I'm in a really good mood lately. I just cracked open a Te Mata cabernet merlot and, well, it's wonderful. I'm having a glass of it here in bed, typing away on the laptop, and I feel powerfully decadent and useless. It's a nice change from the usual routine.

I've microwaved the leftover nasi goreng for dinner. Dan's still in his room, furiously decrufting, but when he's done I hope we'll be able to sit down for a movie - The Last Wave, I'm thinking. Looks like he's got about four hundred liters of cruft to sift through, but I know he's making fantastic progress. We already have four trash cans lined up for slow disposal over the next few Wednesdays.

So: What really needs to be done before I can leave? Not very much. I need to finish writing Matthew a looooong list of house rules. I need to file my taxes. That's just about everything, thankfully!

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