Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Five random snippets

1. eWeek posted an article today with the following abstract:

Proponents of the open-source software development model are using the Windows Vista and Office 2007 shipping delays as an example of how Microsoft's software-engineering process doesn't work well.

Remember, kids, open-source projects such as Netscape 6 shipped on time!

2. There's an espresso stand at the grotty Albertson's down the block from our house where I often get coffee in the morning. This Monday, I bought a pre-paid card for 12 lattés, which set me back $36. This morning, the stand had a huge handwritten sign up [á la Clerks] announcing that they had to unexpected close down Tuesday instead of Saturday as planned. WTF? No coffee for me - and the only other place on the way to work not only doesn't do drive-through, but serves the worst coffee this side of Plano.

3. There was a reorg at work this week. In a spectacular display of um, I need to put that in a friends only post. Long story short, I'm now free of the dreaded STE job title and should be automagically made a PM. I'll spare you why this is good, but it's all about job security and [hopefully, eventually] increased pay.

4. I've been able to drink some good wines lately, but mostly I've been concentrating on the stuff that might not be so good, which is annoying. I keep opening bottles of stuff and finding out that they're really, really bad. The only good stuff lately has been a Barossa shiraz [it's like candy, kids] and an Eyrie pinot noir from Oregon that really should have been a lot better than it was, but was still mostly okay.

5. Do me a favor? Could you leave me a comment letting me know what this image is supposed to represent?

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