Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


A short list of the things I've eaten so far on vacation:

Svickova, roll mop, Gambrinus beer, vinegar and cucumber salad.
Low-calorie BLT sandwich; low-calorie Thai chicken salad flatbread.
Leek, cheese, and onion pasty (now with full flavour).
Several sport bottles of Vittel water.
Evian water.
Several different types of sparkling water, mostly Scottish or Welsh, in both plastic and glass bottles.
Bonny Doon viognier, Lingenfelder riesling, cava from both Sainsbury and Waitrose. 1998 Ch Montus madiran. Albert Heyn bottle, 1 liter, of generic tempranillo blend from Argentina, most of which was poured down the sink of my hotel room. Wild Pig merlot. Sancerre and Chablis - oh, and botryrtised Australian riesling, and Piper-Heidsieck Champagne. A glass of "Le Puts". Goats do Roam rose. 1994 Riesling from the Moselle, 1999 Chardonnay from Italy (not so good).
Orangina (warm), bitter lemon, Coca-Cola light, Diet Coke, Waitrose diet cola.
KLM business class rijstafel with krompoek and extra sambal oelek, followed by cheese, grapes, Godiva chocolates, and a tiny Kit Kat bar. On the same flight, plain yoghurt, muesli, orange juice, Crystal Geyser water, quiche, tomato, cheese, bread rolls, sausages.
Savory duck sandwich, Cheddar and tomato sandwich, salmon sandwich, tuna salad sandwich, tuna salad baguette, other sandwiches, mostly from C'est du Pain in Holland.
An absolutely vile sweet wrap thing on the flight to London, fresh herring (Hollandse nieuwe, I suspect) salad, French pink wine, smoked salad wrap, Dutch pepermunt keepsake tin.
A glass of orange juice in a rainy London cafe. Directors bitter, Guinness, and Diet Coke at the Kings Arms. A glass of bland Dutch pils at a brown cafe in Amsterdam.
An apple at Charing Cross station (only because I needed change for the toilet), two Braeburn apples.
Ready-to-eat bami goreng special, chicken sate salad, Java flavour prawn crisps, salmon flavored potato salad, French chocolate mousse.
A bread roll with a foot long eel filet sticking out of either side of it, with a non-alcoholic Dutch beer. Coffee.
Bread, Gouda, peanut butter, dairy butter, cervelat, unidentified luncheon meat. Oh, and on Sunday, an uitsmijter.
One Cadbury Wispa Crunch chocolate bar, small size.
Doner kebap, both with and without spicy sauce.
Homemade spaghetti sauce with meat, onion, and garlic, over fresh pasta (thanks, Dad!). Several salads. Greek stew, homemade, over polenta (thanks, Mom!). Flapjack biscuit, Butterkeks with dark chocolate, wholemeal shortbread from (I think) the Isle of Wight.
Muesli with plain yoghurt and tea (both Smoky Earl Grey and Der Teeladen generic black tea). Decaffeinated tea. Weak English coffee. Sour Dutch coffee, with koffiemelk, usually. Weak English tea with cow's milk, one time only.
Tuna and olive pizza slice, cold.
A sandwich from HEMA, probably tuna salad, and Diet Coke.
A sausage pastry. A steamed pork bun / char siu bao, but with beef instead.

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