Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

What am I looking forward to?

Dan's farewell lunch.

A weekend with K.

Dinner at Walzwerk before boarding the flight to Sydney.

The flight to Sydney - specifically, trying every different wine they serve in business class.

Visiting an Australian supermarket for the first time.

Taking long walks around town with Dan.

The thrill of getting everything organized - bank accounts, cell phone, car, etc. - after arriving in Sydney.

Discovering Australian caves, and being thin enough to fit in the smaller ones. (I'm well on my way back down to about 220 pounds, thankfully.)

Swimming off the Australian coast, enjoying warm water, sun, and nearly endless free time.

Walking through a Tasmanian apple orchard in the waning autumn light, followed by a simple dinner in a country inn.

Being in the absolute middle of bumfuck nowhere, surrounded by entirely nothing at all, with the Marmot.

Getting to know the Australian wine industry as well as I know the American one. Specifically, figuring out who's doing the oddball wines. (Sparkling chambertin's a good start but I'm hoping to dredge up really strange ones while I'm there.)

Maintaining my fine Californian accent and not affecting a bogue Strine one.

Duty free upon arrival at Sydney airport. There have to be good deals on sparkling wine there, if the Auckland airport was any indication.

Surviving yet another bear event.

Seeing Neville again.

The big sky I knew from childhood summers in Polaris, Montana (albeit with far less green this time around).

A week in Bali, eating Indonesian food, swimming, and being completely lazy.

Visiting Perth, the city furthest away from my home town.

Clearing up the mystery of the pie floater for once and all.

Meeting up with Boxcar's keyboard player (possibly).

Spotting Tom Ellard at the pub (remotely possibly).

Confidently turning right, expecting oncoming traffic turning left to wait for me.

A lot of time with the Marmot - road trips have always been fun - with an esky in the back of the truck and good music on the stereo.

AOL stock doubling in value by winter. (A bear can hope, can't he?)

Returning to The Bach restaurant in Taupo, NZ, for dinner.

Finding an old, forgotten hot springs resort and soaking in the stinky water with Dan. (Rotorua will do in a pinch, but it's a mite shiny.)

Walking the Milford Track, even if it costs and arm and a leg.

Having my first G&T in years. (I like them, but never remember to order them.)

Cooking breakfast in the Antipodes for the first time; our temp flat in Sydney's got a kitchen. I've already packed teabags.

Swimiming with dolphins, just because I'm trying to beat Dave Cobb to it. Sorry, Dave. :)

Losing another 50 pounds through physical exercise, not starvation.

Going to the all you can eat seafood buffet at the top of the Sky Tower in Auckland - missed it the last time, and I've always regretted it. :)

Visiting that German-settled town whose name I can't remember somewhere near Adelaide and having bratwurst (or equivalent).

Surviving the track to the tip of the Cape York peninsula.

Learning how to properly drive a 4WD vehicle offroad.

Sleeping under the stars in the middle of the Outback on my comfy cot.

Black water rafting in NZ.

Knowing that everything's fine at home because Matthew is in control.

Hearing that my niece or nephew has made it to the world safely and in good health this April.

Checking in with my family from time to time hearing about their adventures - they're in Sardinia next week.

Being happy.

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