Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


The next time the guy in the office across the hall from me [you know, the one who plays obnoxious video game soundtrack CDs for most of the day] gets in the phone, I must remember to begin transcribing his conversations more quickly. Today, I had headphones on [Cornelius, thank you] and he got so loud I started to wonder if someone was getting into a fight over there or what.

Here's all I had time to jot down:

Are you writing my paycheck? No? Then don't tell me to go down there and talk to them right now. I am working right now.

You know, Mom? You know what? You have just reduced the chance of me calling you by about 5% by taking time away from work.


Goodbye, Mom.
Pretty sad. He's one of those people for whom work is the only thing there is in their lives; if he didn't have a job, he'd probably just fade into the sidewalk on a sunny day.

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