Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Today's lesson learned

When doing blind tastings, sometimes it's best to trust your own nose and not try to guess what the person organizing the tasting would have chosen.

Our final tasting exam had two wines tasted blind: one red, one white. On the red one I wrote "Looks like it could be syrah or malbec" - and proceeded to identify it as a syrah from the southern Rhône. For the white one, I thought it was a California chardonnay but something was peculiarly European about it - and, as I'm coming down with a cold, I couldn't really tell what the acids were like, so I guessed Washington.

Turns out they were a Malbec from Mendoza, Argentina and a Montes Alpha chardonnay from Chile. Whoops! I wouldn't have guessed those two simply because I never would have suspected the professor would have slipped those in there: we never did taste a Malbec or a Chilean chardonnay in class.

Here's hoping she'll be able to see past my "oh yeah, this is a Rhône syrah blather" and pay more careful attention to the "looks like a syrah or malbec" bit. :)

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