Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Health care

I'm not having a good day. Two weeks ago, I must have done something to injure my back; I suspect it was driving Dan's car around for two weeks [the seats in the Honda Element are incredibly bad: no support for my back at all]. As a result, I've been in increasing pain for going on two weeks now; yesterday I finally relented and took some Flexeril, which didn't help; all it did was put me to sleep for most of Sunday afternoon and evening.

This morning, I drove out to Ellensburg. The back is definitely worse. Because I arrived at around 9:40 - I had an appointment with the prof. at 10 - I had to park incredibly far away from campus. Carrying my backpack - I'd removed everything save for my notebook, my laptop, and today's homework - was tortuous. I had to stop a few times and sit down on the pavement because my back was cramping up so badly I couldn't move.

Eventually I made it to the professor's office, but all I could do was give her my homework, apologize, and re-schedule. I also asked about campus medical facilities - I'm not a fully matriculated student, so that wasn't an option. She did give me her bottle of ibuprofen, though, which was really generous and much appreciated. I then hobbled over to the student union lounge; there, I logged on to Microsoft Health and checked for a list of all medical professionals my insurance covers here in Ellensburg. 7 providers... all of which are either not seeing new patients or fully booked up for the day. It doesn't matter than I'm in pain or having trouble breathing: they flat out refused to see me. OK, lovely.

Next time some ass clown complains about socialized medicine because "you have to wait for everything," I think I'm gonna tear them a new asshole. Every time I've urgently needed medical care it's been impossible to get - and I have the best health care plan available in the state of Washington. This is absurd. Apparently I'm supposed to go hang out at the emergency room after school and hope that eventually someone will deign to see me.

This sucks. Waaaah.

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