Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

3 down, and I'm done for the weekend

Just finished tasting notes on 5 wines:

It's going to be interesting handing this one in: a lot of the content lies in the hyperlinks, which obviously don't work after printing it out. Truth be told, I'm somewhat frustrated by the old-school aspects of our homework assignments: the instructor strongly prefers printouts to online documents [remember that Japan wine presentation I linked to? I got a B+ for that assignment in part because I didn't give the class any paper - all I did was write the URL on the chalkboard].

This leads me to ask: Isn't HTML a richer thing than plain text? Tasting notes are fairly straightforward: I think adding a bunch of links really makes it a more useful exercise. But that's just me, I reckon...

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