Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt


17 days left to go.

I've called United and American and successfully refunded my Qantas tickets for United business class tickets. Pros: comfy seat, nonstop from SFO, better wine, vastly improved baggage allowance. Cons: it's gonna cost us about $110 in total to make the switch. Not bad.

I've noticed that the Oxford Koala Hotel have a killer sale on - 1 bedroom apartments for A$95 a night, including kitchen and parking. Is this a good deal, or is the hotel too skanky for words? I seem to remember hearing bad things about it in the past.

Dan, I reorganized your Australia travel planning section of your bookshelves so that I could find the books I was looking for. I've removed a couple of duplicate or outdated books and placed them on the ground. Looks like we could clean out your bookshelves this weekend - lots of cruft hiding in there!

I've finished ripping CDs and have started burning CDs to take to Oz. I attempted to create a Web page detailing what's available but the sheer size of the Media Player database prevented it from importing into Excel. Oopsie.

Tomorrow, I'm looking forward to a fine lunch at Fuki Sushi to celebrate Dan's stint at Microsoft.

This weekend: time to go dump more crap off at Goodwill.

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