Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Boring car update

Costco replaced the tire Saturday morning. Total cost to me: $0. Go Costco!

I then dropped it off at the VW dealership over in Edmonds and took the bus over to Marymoor Park to see Dan's rugby match. However, the connection in downtown Seattle was too tight: my bus arrived one minute late, the connecting bus left one minute early, and I couldn't run one block fast enough to make it in time. Ah well. As a result, I spent twenty-eight minutes huffing perfume in the Sephora shop next to the bus stop. Sadly, they've stopped selling Comme des Garçons; as a replacement, the shop staff recommended L'Instant de Guerlain, but after wearing it for the rest of the afternoon, I don't think it's quite right mixed with the way my body naturally smells.

I missed the rugby match, but did get a ride home from the marmot; I spotted inmfs heading home as well, but I take it his partner Tim was home asleep. Damn graveyard shift!

This morning, the VW dealer called, and I'm in for a world of cash drain, alas - all of my federal income tax refund and then some. $400 to replace the rear brakes [it's high time], $(a lot) to replace the two faulty door latches that are causing the alarm to go haywire, and $(an obscene amount of money) to replace the clutch. Hey, it's a VW: I knew that sooner or later it'd give out on me. I've had the car for seven years and 78,000 miles, and it's time to remind myself that ending is better than mending. Um, wait. No, it's time to remind myself that fixing the car is way cheaper than buying a new one.

Thanks to sinnabor, Dan's driving his RAV4 around town and I'll be taking the Element back over to Ellensburg in a bit. All I have to do is get my crap together and get out of here. :)

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