Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The view from where I sit

This is a view from my desk in Hertz Hall on the CWU campus:

That's Sara's coffee cup; I sit to the right of her. Ashish is across the way; the guy in the colorful hat to the right is Henry, a big pinot noir fan. On the left is Caitlin and her poor iBook; it's limping along, but hanging in there [it's a 500 MHz dual USB iBook].

Today, after class, I drove out to Kennewick. Why? Well, the WAWGG convention starts tomorrow.

On the way, I stopped at something signed as the Teapot Dome Service Station National Historic Landmark:

Is that really a national historic landmark? You bet it is! Scandalous!

Apparently it went out of business due a simple spelling error. D'oh!

Coming in to Kennewick, I hit rush hour:

It took nearly as long to get from West Richland to my hotel as it did to get to West Richland in the first place.

My hotel is fairly luxurious: king size bed, spacious bathroom, high ceilings, nice and quiet, free Wi-Fi, and a view out over... well, it's night, but I'm guessing it's a big empty field with a suburb on the other side... and the lights of Pasco twinkling in the distance. I like it a lot.

Finally, here's an image from Leavenworth that I forgot to post last week:

I checked the trash, and thanked God that no one had used it recently.

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