Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Tire update

  • After I inflated the tire to 44 psi last night, it read as 36 psi this morning
  • Just before I left Ellensburg, it measured at 34 psi
  • I stopped at the Indian John Hill rest area, 25 miles out of Ellensburg, to make sure the tire was holding air OK; it was still at 34 psi
  • I then drove to Costco Issaquah, where I was helped by yet another impossibly friendly Costco employee who proceeded to explain that the tire was 100% covered by their road hazard warranty, which I didn't even know existed
  • He then ordered a replacement tire at no cost - it should be here next week
  • Finally, he insisted that he replace the tire on the car with the full sized spare [I declined as I need to sleep; I'll have them do that Saturday morning instead]
  • I then drove home, and after parking the car in the garage, noticed that it's making a soft hissing noise. Guess the tire is slowly deflating :)
  • That's the end of the tire story for now. Guess I ran over something that caused it to get a tiny puncture Monday morning; Tuesday, when we drove to Yakima, it must have already been pretty flat as there was a burning smell when we parked - oh, and yeah, a trucker flashed his lights at us, which in retrospect was probably a friendly "hey, man, your tire is flat" warning.
  • Good night!

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