Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Over, under, through [actually, up, around, and down]

I made to Ellensburg in just under four hours today.

This is Stevens Pass:

I made it to the pass at around 10 AM. By 11 AM, it was closed and then moved to chains required status - it was a pretty hairy drive. Lots of hard, driving snow, plus lots of idiots in small cars without traction tires or chains. Mad props to the guy in the Accord with the Jesus Is Lord license plate frame: yes, it's good that you're driving 20mph in a 55mph zone because your car and tires can't handle the weather, but next time you might want to investigate on relying on more than your faith in God to get you safely across the pass.

This is a few miles east of the pass:

This picture is deceptive - although the pavement was bare and icy for a few miles, it quickly went to hard packed ice and slush. Not fun.

Eventually, I made it to Leavenworth - Washington's very own fake Bavarian town!

Just east of town I spied a classic Washington state neon sign:

Finally, the turnoff to Ellensburg!

Within fifteen minutes, the weather cleared up to the point where I had to put on my sunglasses...

Here's a Charlie-style shot of myself:

Here's the view as you start descending into the Kittitas Valley [?], where Ellensburg is located:

And finally, here I am at CWU. This is the best parking spot on the entire campus - it's right across from Black Hall, which is where today's class is. Score!

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