Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

The end of a week, the beginning of a new one, and the weekend to come

This was a hard week, and it's only going to get harder from here on out. I spent the week in class, and when I wasn't in class, I was at the library working on my plan a vineyard paper. I had some free time Wednesday morning, but I used it to study for our first exam, which was Wednesday afternoon. Today, I drove a CWU van way out to Richland so that the class could visit Goose Ridge, a small winery run by a phenomenally large contract grower that supplies Ste Michelle Wine Estates with a large amount of their fruit. I took a picture of the vines I pruned; you should be able to enjoy the fruits of my labors in another two years. Look for the 2006 Columbia Crest Great Estates Chardonnay; they probably make half a million cases of it, but one bottle in there somewhere will have the fruit of a vine I pruned myself. This makes me happy because in a weird way it's the first real thing I've produced since, well, forever.

After leaving the tasting early [after only two wines - I had to get back to Ellensburg to get back to Salmonberg before the pass became impassable, and because some other students had jobs to get to], I dragged my butt home. Once again, no problems driving on icy roads with heavy snowfall. Thank God I bought traction tires. Once home, I made pizza with Dan, got my books in order, printed out my term paper, did the laundry, tried to check in for tomorrow's flights [for the first time, I got the dreaded TSA "you'll have to check in at the airport" warning], and finally sat down at the computer with no real purpose other than to just relax for a bit.

Oh, yeah, and I opened a bottle of the 2001 Ursa. This stuff seems to be really hitting its stride; the edge of the wine is starting to turn the slightest bit brown, and it's mellowed into a really wonderful drink. It's got an odd kind of camphor taste to it, but it's still sweet and delicious and I'm going to have another glass now.

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