Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

Now on campus

I'm now sitting in the student union in a comfy chair, relaxing with the laptop. 90 minutes from now, classes begin for me.

The drive over the pass was straightforward; there was a spectacular rollover crash involving a solo SUV. I'm not surprised; when visibility dropped and the roadway started to disappear under slush and snow, they kept driving 80 mph, passing me on the left. Idiots!

I got to campus by 10:30 AM and headed straight for the parking office to buy a hang tag. That was easy enough, but then I tried to find a parking space. That... is not so easy. Every lot was completely parked up, and most of them were infested by double parked SUVs [presumably they couldn't see the parking space lines due to snow?]. So, I parked far away in the free lot and walked to campus. Not bad; it's the first exercise I've gotten in a long, long time.

On campus, I bought a coffee, got my student ID card [spectacularly bad - must remember to smile next time and lose some weight, ugh], and tried to connect to the campus wireless network. That didn't work, but I was able to use my cell phone to call the IT help desk here, who invited me over. [The poor woman on the phone couldn't spell the name of the building she worked in - it's Bouillon, like the brother. Strange.]

In the IT office, a friendly man named Ken got me set up. Turns out the arcane Novell system they've got here is nearly impossible to set up without voodoo dolls; when it asks you for your login name, it might sometimes mean that they want your fully denominated name, eg [or something like that]. It also doesn't work - strangely enough - if you give it the MAC address of your Ethernet port and not your wireless adapter. D'oh! At any rate, it's all working now thanks to Ken and I have to say this is WAY cooler than on campus computing when I started university in 1987. At Berkeley, you had to pay by the hour to use dumb UNIX terminals, and let's just say that that wasn't easy as there were no written instructions AND $20 an hour or so was, um, out of my reach.

So, that's it. Glad to know everything is up and running.

Bonus dumb student story du jour: A young woman standing under the NO CELL PHONES sign in the parking office called her Mom on her cell phone to ask if her car was registered in Washington or California. Um, if you can't figure that out by looking at the plates, is there much hope for you at college? I'm just sayin'.

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