Christopher Pratt (cpratt) wrote,
Christopher Pratt

My friends are the best friends a bear could have

Came home from Syriana tonight to find a soaking wet package dumped in the weeds near the front gate.

Inside, a box, miraculously dry:

Inside the box, a beautiful decanter - and just last Sunday I tried whipping out my old, battered decanter at a dinner party only to be embarassed by its, well, general uselessness qua decanter.

Fred and Sophie love the box. I love the decanter. And I love that I'm fortunate enough to have friends like these, kitties like these, a house like this, wine to share with friends, good people to work with and a loving family.

PS. I haven't had anything to drink since Sunday. NB: this may be the first and last unprompted "Gee, life is wonderful" outburst you'll get this year. See you in 2006!

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